Grégory Vollet – Salomon Running

K2 Varan Go Fast Down – 2000m drop in 42’ and 28 seconds.
5km300 of pure descent with a start at 2544m altitude to finish at 544m.

If Trail Running is, at the base, an endurance sport that brings a lot of endorphins to its practitioners. Descenders crave the adrenaline rush that comes with a downhill run at full speed.
Starting from a summit and reaching the valley as quickly as possible is a new trend in the world of trail running.
Cliffs, scree, boulders, steep grassy slopes, roots, ridges…Elements that spice up the technicality of the descents.

La vidéo de Salomon Running dévoilée le 25 septembre 2020

Downhill running requires a technical background like mountain biking,
They are the same trajectories and the sensations are similar.
The K2 de Varan is a real amusement park for descenders, all types of terrain are represented. And it is a real pleasure to feel the sensations of sliding, touching, reading the terrain.

The K2 de Varan was created by François Lachaux and his association Passy Alpirunning. They maintain old paths of shepherds and hunters until they connect them and make them almost a straight line from the top.
The passion for the descent, the desire to play, to create feelings for himself pushed François to create encounters, games, between descenders.

If you want to discover the K2 de Varan, thanks to contact @passy_alpirunning for security reason.

Le magnifique rush filmé en drone fpv racing par Oscar Mendoza du groupe Koastal Forest
Les coulisses du tournage de Koastal Forest


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